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2° Festival d'Estate

30 May - 3 June , Hotel Kursaal **** Cattolica

Registration and info at:

You want to play a great chess tournament but you don't have enough time? 

This is the perfect tournament for you!

Open A:  a strong 9 round tournament in 5 days, with around 10 invited Grand Masters. 

Open B / C: 3 days tournament, 5 rounds
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You will be able to enjoy the sea and the beach. 
But that's not all. Cattolica is also very famous for fantastic bars.

You can enjoy an Italian coffe or an awesome Cocktail at the Rocket Bar (same building of Hotel Kursaal) or at the Peledo bar, the most famous bar in all the Romagna region.

Many strong grand Masters will be invited. 
Between players:

Martinez Alcantara José (2598), Bernadsky Vitaly (2615), the forever young Baadur Jobava (2588), Basso Pier Luigi (2583), Nesterov Arseny (2531), Huega Leache Mikel (2471)

And of course many other to follow ( we expect at least 10 Grand Masters).

Best woman player at the moment  is the enchanting Krasteva Belosalva