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GM and IM Mix

16-20 May 2022, Cattolica (Italy) Hotel Kursaal

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During open tournaments many players have often some worries:

" Will I meet at least 3 GMs?"
"Will I have the right amount of nationalities?"
" What if I play with more than one player under 1900? "
" Will my average rating be enough for the norm ?"

In the Mix tournaments, you don't need to think about this anymore.

All you need to do is to prepare and concentrate on the games, and if you will manage to play like a 2600 player, you will for sure get a GM norm.

What if you don't get the norm? In your group there will be no weak players, and you can learn in all the games because you will always play a strong opponent.


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Structure of the tournaments

GM Mix: 18 players
4 Invited Grand Masters + 14 players with rating 2300-2499
GM norm expected with 6 points

IM Mix: 18 players
2 Invited Grand Masters + 2 Invited International Masters +
14 players with rating 2000-2299
IM norm expected with 6 points