6.500,00€ Prizefund

16-20 March 2022, Cattolica (Italy)

General Rules

1. Time control is 60' + 30'' +30' at move 30!   Yes, it is valid for FIDE Rating and Norms
2. Possible one 1/2  bye (half point bye) in first 6 rounds for Open A, and first 2 rounds for Open B
3. Maximum delay: 60 min
4. Prizes are not cumulative,
5. Mobile phones and electronic devices are not allowed. All mobile phones have to be left in the room or in the car, 
    or in any other place outside the playing hall.
6. Strict anti-cheating controls will be applied. Metal detector or inspections are possible.
7. The organizer or the arbiter may ask players to respect a minimum dress code.
8. Spectators cannot enter in the playing hall during the game.